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Executive Bios:


Mark Cook, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, obtained his Bachelor of Science in marketing degree from Brockport State University in 1993.  He then spent the next 5 years employed with Rochester, NY based companies involved in the services and entertainment industries.   

In 1998, Mark attended and obtained his certification in Advanced Marketing Strategies from the Jay Abraham Mastermind Marketing Institute.  This experience and the understanding that he obtained allowed Mark to greatly enhance his abilities to quickly assess and analyze different business strategies.

From 1999 to 2004 Mark evaluated, worked with and studied several start-up businesses, and he learned firsthand how vital the basic elements of lead generation, closing the sale and customer service really are to the success of the enterprise.

During 2004 through 2006, Mr. Cook moved to the west coast to assist one of the first e-commerce companies attempting to integrate online and offline customer acquisition strategies where he provided consultation and oversight on all aspects of the program implementation and customer service.

The last 10 years, Mr. Cook has spent working on the Global Mountain vision. His life has revolved around studying, learning and testing everything that goes along with this unique business. These hands-on learning experiences have sharpened his knowledge base regarding creation of an online shopping community.  Mr. Cook brings his vision, enthusiasm and natural leadership abilities to Global Mountain.


Richard Hickey, Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer, was born and raised in Quincy, MA.  Richard served in the US Army during the early 1970’s and is a Vietnam era veteran, honorably discharged in 1975.  

He attended the University of Massachusetts/Boston and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology in 1978.  He moved from Quincy, Massachusetts to Redlands, California with his wife Valerie in 1978.  He attended California State College, San Bernardino and received his Master of Arts degree in Education Psychology in 1983.  

Richard worked in the Redlands Unified School District from 1980 to 1983 teaching 5th and 6th graders at Franklin Elementary School, Redlands, CA.  

He was employed as an architectural project manager with Haden Architects from 1983 until the death of Mr. Haden in 1994.  He then opened his own office and has owned and operated RJ Hickey Architectural Consulting in Redlands, CA from 1994 to the current period in 2016.  

During his time working in the architectural and engineering field, Mr. Hickey developed the contracts for and implemented the design and engineering details for all aspects of design and construction, including planning department review and approvals, building permitting phase and construction observation periods, for numerous construction projects throughout the Inland Empire region of California.

During over 30 years of direct architectural and engineering project development, Mr. Hickey has been the lead project manager on over 500 successfully completed projects ranging in scale from under $50,000 to well over $25,000,000.   

Mr. Hickey has been actively involved in the local Redlands community as a volunteer and Board member for several charitable and service organizations.  He is currently the Advisory Board Chairman for the Redlands Corps of the Salvation Army and has been an active member of this Board for over 25 years.  His organizational and fundraising skills have helped the agency fundraise over $5 million dollars toward capital/building construction and improvements and he was the lead architectural consultant for the planning, design and construction of the new 14,000 sq. ft. Chapel & multipurpose facility for the Redlands Corps of the Salvation Army.  

He has also served on the Board of Directors for the Redlands YMCA, the Casa De La Vista and Fern Lodge Senior Citizens Low Income Residential Facilities.  He is a 25-year member of the Redlands Noon Kiwanis Service Club and has received numerous awards and recognitions for his many years of distinguished community service.  

He is also a Founding Board Member of the Dibble Institute, an organization dedicated to creating resources for teaching healthy relationship skills to teenagers.  See www.dibbleinstitute.org for in-depth information about this important project.  

Through his involvement as a community volunteer and active fundraiser for the groups and organizations he has served with, Mr. Hickey is directly aware of the responsibilities and concerns of local charities and the challenges they face with the ever shrinking dollars needed to effectively administer a valuable program to the community being served.  

Richard Hickey has been involved in ecommerce and Internet marketing since 1997.  Very early in the evolution of Internet technology, he began teaching himself the inner workings of direct marketing principles, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and affiliate marketing principles to online business development.  He has personally built numerous highly targeted double opt-in emailing lists of over 20,000 subscribers.  His online marketing talents are vital to the growth and success of Global Mountain.


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