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September 11th
Campaign on hold

August 29th
Our Campaign Is Live!

August 27th
Crowdfunding campaign starts Monday!

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About Us

Global Mountain is all about making good things happen!

We start by putting cash in your pocket! Along with any person, business or charity that could use some extra cash...

Coming in 2016 - The Opportunity of a lifetime!

We are confident in saying this because we’ve looked at what’s out there and nothing comes close to what we are about to launch! And because in no time in history has there been so so much money up for grabs. There are literally hundreds of billions of dollars up for grabs and this number is growing every day!

The Past…

The two founders Mark Cook & Richard Hickey had a common vision to find or create the best opportunity out there where anyone could & would make money and no one would ever lose money. Also, it was very important that the plan allowed any charity and organization doing good to also participate and benefit by teaming up with us.

We studied every opportunity that was out there and realized that there was nothing like what we envisioned. There were thousands of opportunities but most were either the typical MLM (Where a few of the people make good money, a few break even but the majority end up losing money...)

There were opportunities where you could make money but you needed to be an online marketer or an elite salesperson, which most most of us aren’t. The other opportunities with promise required a large investment like a franchise, so they were out of the reach of most of us too.

After realizing there was nothing out there like what we wanted to offer, we decided to build our own. So, we raised enough money and built what you see today at globalmountain.com. A test site (beta site) that works, but is just the bare minimum of our vision.

It is fully functional and people are making money every week right now. It’s just not ready for the millions of people and thousands of charities we plan on helping.

We’ve learned an enormous amount and we have used this beta site (test site) to form relationships with hundreds of stores of all sizes. It has also allowed us to do real life testing and learn about running an online business.

The Present...

You are in an incredible position at an incredible time right now.

We are building the most innovative, simple, no risk opportunity ever offered that you or any of the 3.3 billion people online can benefit from! This opportunity has no limit to how much you can make and there is no way you or anyone can lose money!

We are taking everything we have learned and will be sharing it with the world this year. There is nothing out there like we are about offer and you are learning about it even before our launch!

The Future...

Our mission statement sums up our sharing and business philosophy -

“Help your community while helping yourself”

Later this year, we will be offering a simple way for you, your family and your friends to save and make real money. While at the same time, you can be a part of creating a wave of good throughout your community and around the world.

Charities and organizations of all sizes will use Global Mountain and our sharing model to raise money and create a new income stream for their cause. We will also help them by increasing their exposure, sharing valuable information and helping them organize events to do more good.

We strongly recommend you get your free membership now and pay attention so you will be one of the first people in the world to take advantage of this opportunity where we guarantee you will make money!

Parker from NY makes a purchase of $60 from one of our stores with a Global Cash Payout of 7%. On that $60 purchase there will be a $4.20 Global Cash Payout. $60 X 7% = $4.20 ($2.10 to the shopper and $2.10 divided among the 7 lucky people connected to the shopper).

Parker was introduced to Global Mountain by his neighbor Greg. Greg found out about it from his sister Joan in Arizona.

Parker – Shopper
Greg - 1st of the Lucky 7
Joan - 2nd of the Lucky 7
* It continues down a total of 7 people. The person who introduced Joan would be the 3rd of the Lucky 7. We share this income because everyone had a part in making the sale happen. (If Joan never told Greg – Parker would not have made the purchase.)

On that transaction, the dollars and cents would look like this:

Total Global Cash Payout - $4.20
$2.10 Earned by Parker 50% of the Global Cash Payout
$0.42 Paid to Greg 10% of the Global Cash Payout
$0.42 Paid to Joan 10% of the Global Cash Payout
$0.21 Paid to 3rd person   5% of the Global Cash Payout
$0.21 Paid to 4th person   5% of the Global Cash Payout
$0.21 Paid to 5th person   5% of the Global Cash Payout
$0.21 Paid to 6th person   5% of the Global Cash Payout
$0.42 Paid to 7th person 10% of the Global Cash Payout

This business model will have a positive affect on ALL OF OUR LIVES. Global Mountain will empower you to improve your own circumstances as well as your friends and your local community through our support programs for local charities.

Investor Relations